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LADDER III是一款专用于FANUC CNC PMC编程的软件,使用LADDER III软件可实现在线编辑PMC、离线编辑PMC,也可通过此软件对FANUC PMC进行加密保护等,是学习FANUC PMC所必须的软件。


FANUC LADDER III软件安装步骤,所有版本安装步骤相同,直接查看安装文档: FANUC LADDER III 软件安装及汉化步骤


Traditional Chinese characters added in Series 30i/31i/32i/35i-B, Power Motion i-A and 0i-F PMC have been supported.

Added support for the “Scaling” setting in the “Display Settings” in Windws.

The screen cursor has become displayed in the default setting when ladder diagram is displayed in monitor display.

Application files have been digitally signed.

The following modules of “Slice I/O” for I/O Link i have been supported. SPT04A, STC04A, STH08A, SCT01A

When restoring a subprogram by “Undo” after deleting the subprogram, net comments in the subprogram may be deleted. This problem has been fixed.

Windows 11 has been supported.

“Slice I/O” has been supported.

FB library file (FLL file) settings have become able to be output to mnemonic file.

“Replace all” of Replace function has become available even if “Search result list” screen or “Collective Display” screen is displayed.

The FB group data has been able to be output to the MEM file at compilation in order to restore at decompilation in case of PMC model of “Multi Language Comment”.

Operation to paste ladder diagram by address in preference to symbols has been available in the PMC models of “Extended Symbol” or “Multi Language Comment”.

Subprograms and FB definitions have been able to copy from the comparison target to the current program on the list screen of Ladder Program Difference Display function.

Some screens have supported the “Scaling” setting in the “Display Settings”.

Specified substitution of unusable characters in symbols in “PMC type change and save” could not be performed.

Power Motion i-A Plus PMC has been supported.

Mnemonic conversion and source conversion have supported Unicode UTF-8 format mnemonic files and external symbol files.

The setting of “Omit unused subprograms” has been added to the options of the compile function.

In the ladder monitor screen, the signal status of the specified address / symbol has been able to be displayed on the signal status screen.

16,000 steps option has been added to checking size at compile function of Dual Check Safety PMC of Series 30i/31i/32i/35i-B and Series 0i-F.

The same line feed code as the original PMC parameter file is used when the PMC parameter file is saved by PMC Parameter Editing function.

Function blocks for conversion of sensor values have been added to PMC Function Library (PMC_IO_DEVICE.FLL).

PMC Function Library for PROFINET Acyclic communication (NETWORK.FLL) has been updated.

The measure has been taken against the problem of the forced termination occurring rarely when the context menu was repeatedly displayed in the ladder diagram editing screen.

The comment of the FB instance cannot be changed in the compiled ladder using function block function. This problem has been fixed.

The multi-language PMC message creation tool has supported Unicode UTF-8 format text file.

The displayed position is restored when an address of the tree view is selected on the symbol comment edit screen.

The unnecessary warning “K: W-4127” at the source conversion of a mnemonic file containing connectable functional instruction in the OR circuit, has been suppressed.

The “input parameter” in FB definition used for “output parameter of functional instruction” or “coil” has become an error at compilation.

Unnecessary “K: E-6528” and “K: E-6529” errors when source conversion of the mnemonic file that calls FB in the FB definition, have been suppressed.

When a ladder containing a bit suffixed symbol was pasted into the FB definition, it has been pasted as a bit suffixed symbols, not as a bit address.

Unnecessary error message “Ini File write failed” has been suppressed when the button is pressed on the option screen for specifying FB library.

Forced termination at “General search” or “Advanced search” of ladder program with too many subprograms has been avoided.

The ladder editing function has been improved so that invalid P addresses cannot be entered in the parameters of the functional instructions SP, CALL, CALLU, and CM in PMC models with the FB function enabled.

Unnecessary error message “Unused net comment exists” has been suppressed when you operated “Program Save As” and then “Close Program” with the ladder program using net comments.

The startup screen may only be displayed and the application may not start up because of the setting of default printer. This problem has been fixed.

In Series 0i-F Plus PMC/L, the Real number operation functional instructions and the PID instruction (SUB460) have been added.

The measure has been taken against the problem that the application may rarely terminate suddenly at the following operation because of the activity of virus checker:
– “PMC Type changed and save” is selected.
– “Refresh” button in the difference display is pressed.

The window position will be automatically adjusted when the application starts, so that the window will be always displayed in the screen even if the display configuration has changed in a multi-display environment.

Function blocks for PROFINET Acyclic communication have been added to the PMC Function Library (Network function: NETWORK.FLL).

An Excel file that displays the setting values of the PMC parameter file has been added.

The measure has been taken against the problem that the online communication via ethernet may rarely fail to reconnect after disconnection.

In Series 0i-F Plus, protected file format of ladder program has been supported.

Even if the Program Folder Screen is displayed on the CNC while Password protection of Function Block definition has been enhanced.

The setting to stop the compile displaying a compile error at exceeding the limit of ladder step option has been added.

PMC Function Library for DCSPMC (PMC_DCS.FLL) has been added.

The symbol data has been able to be copied as the symbol of an automatic assignment when copying nets of ladder in PMC model of “Extended Symbol” or “Multi Language Comment”.

The online mode has become unavailable when the ladder program is not the same with the one of the connection destination.

Symbol and address information of the error has been added to the message “I: E-6500: Address is illegal.” of the compile error in PMC model of “Extended Symbol” or “Multi Language Comment”.

PMC parameter Editing function has supported counters of BCD format.

The number of bytes used by the Character string instructions (SUB470 to SUB472, SUB475 to SUB477, SUB480 to SUB485) has been changed.

The multi-language PMC message creation tool has been able to convert the messages including Chinese (Simplified) successfully even if there are extra spaces or tabs after the end of Title information.

PMC Function Library for CNC-QSSR (CNC_QSSR.FLL) has been improved.

PMC Function Library for Machine operators panel (MACHINE_OPERATORS_PANEL.FLL) has been improved.

The ladder template for a machine tool using a fiber laser oscillator has been improved.


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